Hi there,

My name is Kristine and my personal journey with magnesium deficiency came about when I was feeling such low energy levels that I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I am a stay-at-home mother of 3 and I really had to examine my life for signs of what could be the matter so I would have energy to keep house and provide for the kids all while keeping my health in check.

With little ones at home, it is inevitable to feel tired.  Sometimes you just feel exhausted.

Sometimes you just think this is normal to feel this way and you just have to be a good mother and push on through.

But I found I was doing this for too long at the expense of my own health and happiness.  My diet was suffering because I just wanted quick simple meals.  I was too tired to exercise or be intimate with my husband.  I was cranky and irritable all the time and snapping at the kids.

All of this had a snowball effect and the less motivated I got, the more tired I became.

So I started doing some online research on energy levels and what may effect them because I knew that this consistent tiredness wasn’t normal.

My sleep was adequate, I started exercising regularly and watching what I eat but then I paid a visit to my Doctor who tested my blood for other possible deficiencies of minerals and hormones.

It was my doctor that flagged a possible Magnesium deficiency and the more we looked into it, the more I realised that the classic signs and symptoms matched my case perfectly!

How exciting!  Here was finally a reason for my consistent tiredness, and, what’s more, a possible course of action to fix it!

Then I found it really difficult to find much helpful and relevant information for sufferers of magnesium deficiency and especially information in as easy to follow format.  My doctor didn’t know that much about it either.   Every person I spoke to had virtually no idea about just how much the body requires this mineral either so I decided I had to change that and make the info easier to find and understand for everyone.

I am a nurse by trade with a special interest in nutrition and diet so it is easy for me to take pure scientific and medical terms and turn them into something that is accessible for everyone.

what is magnesium deficiencyMy magnesium journey started when I was too exhausted to run around with my kids and has brought me through some dark days and then full circle to where I am once more happy and full of life again.

The children are happy too that they have a fun mother and my husband is happy now I have energy left for him at the end of the day!

Magnesium may just be the answer for you to get your own health back on track.

Join me in discovering the ins and outs of this amazing mineral.

Comment below if you have a story to share or email me at kristine@whatismagnesiumdeficiency.com

Best of Health,

Kristine x